2015-16 yoroi-blp

6(1) At rst, points are expanded in the surface by mold.(2) The PE board receives the shock.(Only on the backbone and hip center)(3) Pressure-relieving material changes the shape slowly, according to the body and the amount of shock, and then it does its job to reduce the shock.(4) Further to this, the honeycomb mesh receives the shock and spreads it out.●Multi-layer structure that causes impact energy dispersion for manifesting the eectsSimultaneous absorption and radiation of shock helps to relieve the energy. Theoretically, the energy that's produced on impact causes variations in sound and thermal energies. This is precisely for absorbing and radiating impact energy, which is vital to create a condition in which it is easier to radiate more heat and sound. There is a honeycomb layer and pressure-relieving material layer which possess excellent ventilation properties, helping in a smooth releaseof heat as well as shock mitigation, and has a profound effect on relieving the body from direct external impact to a signicant extent. When the pad and body are in direct contact, the impact energy is transmitted to the body directly causing an increasingly painful damage. YOROI is an ingenious protector that helps the energy to escape not just through a single pad, but through the multi-layer structure, which comprises of pressure-relieving material and honeycomb material, thereby possessing significant characteristic of mitigating the impact energy.TechnologyNot just for Winter, but for hot Summers too! Made for all sports to protect the body from shock during the action!Improved power performance with an ultra-lightweight protector, which has excellent ventilation, impact cushioning and exibility!■ YOROI Perfect Guard Cross SectionMesh GuardFabric (HD only)PE-HARD-BOARD(Center Pad only)Pressure-relieving Material PadSpecial Honeycomb Mesh(Polyester shock absorption fabric)Soft Inner FabricImpact ImageMold Pad (EVA)YOROI Perfect Guard SystemShock absorption experiment laboratory for YUKI-ITA YOROI at the Technology Research Institute of Osaka PrefectureIn "The whole inner layer acting as a protector" concept, a special honeycomb mesh is used for the entire body, which absorbs the shock with the actual clothing material. This is the way that this ideal system has been realized. Another fantastic benet is that it also adjusts to body temperature incredibly well. It is often referred to as a super-efficient protector, oriented to retain both, performance and stamina.YOROI® Protector● Stepwise block absorption from points to surfaceAs shown in the gure on the left, the cross-sectional view of the pad, which is an important part, is integrated with multi layers and is composed of several kinds of materials as in ancient armor. Features are added in order of the parts close to the body, such as a fast drying, sweat absorbing soft inner material (the type changes depending on the model), a special honeycomb mesh with a shock absorption function, a pressure-relieving material pad, a PE board (back center part and hip center part only), and a mold pad. The mold pad has four types of hardness. The YOROI perfect guard system is an ideal guard system that eases the shock from point to surface and performs stage block absorption; this is excellent in breathability, is fast drying, and absorbs sweat exceptionally well. The system is comfortable to wear.